2tec2 Woven vinyl high tech flooring - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where can I order 2tec2?

    2tec2 is distributed through a global network of professional installers. To find your nearest dealer, contact your local 2tec2 sales representative

  • 2. How can I order 2tec2 samples?

    You can order free samples online in the menu ‘Order samples’ on the website.

  • 3. Can I install 2tec2 by myself?

    No. 2tec2 must be installed by a professional installer. Otherwise the manufacturer’s guarantee will not apply.

  • 4. What is the difference between QT tiles and ST tiles?

    QT tiles have been specially designed to be positioned in quarterturn or checkerboard format. They should be installed in the direction indicated by the arrow on the back of the tile, turning 90° alternately. The ST tiles are designed mainly for monolithic installation, witht invisible seams, achieving the appearance of a broadloom carpet. 

    For detailed information on installation, please refer to our general installation instructions

  • 5. Are the seams visible following installation?

    No. The pattern of 2tec2 is designed in such a way that, with the correct (professional) installation, no seams are visible. Cold welding is not necessary. 

  • 6. Is 2tec2 suitable for intensive use?

    2tec2 has a Class 33 classification, making it suitable for intensive commercial use. 

  • 7. Can 2tec2 be installed with underfloor heating?

    Yes, 2tec2 is suitable for placing installation with on underfloor heating. The maximum allowed heat resistance of floor covering in combination with underfloor heating is 0.15 m²K/W (EN 4725), and 2tec2 has a value of 0.024 m²K/W.

  • 8. Can it be installed on underlay, and if so, what type?

    Yes, underlay can be used both for tiles and for rolls. Contact your 2tec2 representative for more information.